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QMU releases statement regarding ‘Wet Wednesday’ spikings

By Oliver Rudden

The Queen Margaret Union released a statement regarding reported spikings that took place at their signature “Wet Wednesday” club night on 27 October, including investigating each case individually and new measures to be put in place to protect students for future events.

CW: spiking and sexual assault*

Following reported incidents of spikings that took place at the Queen Margaret Union’s signature club night “Wet Wednesday” on 27 October, the QMU has released a statement following the reported spikings, and stressed their priority of ensuring student safety at their premises. A number of new measures to better protect its members and other students at future events have also been announced.

The QMU first states that they are “deeply concerned” about the reported spikings that took place and stressed they are investigating each report individually. These incidents will not only be investigated by the QMU themselves but in collaboration with campus security and the police, as well as “taking advice from them on [their] security measures”.

Following this, the QMU announced a number of new measures they will be implementing on their premises, stating their number one priority is that “everyone feels safe”. These new measures include: 

  • An increased number of on duty stewards at club nights
  • Search policy of all bags before entering the premises
  • Improved CCTV coverage
  • The introduction of drink caps and removal of “unattended drinks”
  • “Highlighting” of “Ask for Angela” policy at club nights
  • Review their current security system by UofG’s security
  • On-site drug testing kits available at their next “Wet Wednesday” club night on 10 November
  • UofG security on standby for additional support for “Wet Wednesday” on 10 November

The QMU also stressed to members and students to suggest other additional measures or to ask any questions to how these new procedures will be carried out by visiting them at their executive office on floor three or contact via email at [email protected]

Additionally, the QMU reiterated its zero-tolerance to sexual assault on their premises and stressed they will “not hestitate” to involve the Unviersity security and Police Scotland on reported indicents if evidence is found.

You can read the QMU’s zero tolerance policy by clicking here, their complaints procedure by clicking here, and their “Elephant in the Room” resources by clicking here.


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