Credit: Lucy Dunn

Prince Charles appears at Kelvingrove Museum for McLaren viewing

By Lucy Dunn

The Prince met with the McLaren team to view their hydrogen cell-powered car.

The Glasgow Guardian caught Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay (when in Scotland), when he turned up to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum on Wednesday morning, to view a hydrogen-powered, artistically-designed McLaren car. Meeting the car’s designer and driver, and being shown around the hydrogen battery and car with the CEO of McLaren, Prince Charles spent a while admiring the Extreme-E McLaren. The Glasgow Guardian gained media access to the Royal event, and were reporting within metres of the Prince, photographing alongside media organisations like Getty Images.

The vehicle present was a demonstration vehicle; not a working car. The model is supposed to use a hydrogen fuel cell to power it, with hydrogen being used to charge the battery of the electric car. McLaren have been praised for their use of greener energy sources in the past, as McLaren Racing was the first ever F1 team to officially become carbon neutral, 10 years ago. Following the tour of the car and battery, Prince Charles then went inside to meet Leonardo DiCaprio and Stella McCartney, however press access to this was further restricted. 

Charles’ reception was not all pleasant as his “PR exercise” was blasted on Twitter, with one user commenting that the outing was “to green a family with a truly obscene carbon footprint”. Another tweet echoed this, commenting: “Curious as to the royal family’s carbon footprint. Surely with all those castles and palaces and hunting lodges, it must be pretty big.”


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