Credit: Lucy Dunn

COP26 week two: what’s going on?

By Lucy Dunn

With the first week of COP26 done, what’s still in store at the UN climate conference? Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn gives an overview of Monday’s blue zone events.

Even though the world leaders have flown back home, and the climate activists have held their largest march through Glasgow, there are still a number of events due to take place over the remainder of COP26. We’ve picked out some of today’s highlights below…

1st High-Level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance under the CMA

Following on from the 2015 Paris Agreement – an international treaty on climate change whose goal is to limit global warming to “well below 2, preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius” – the countries that signed have agreed to meet every two years to discuss providing finance to developing countries to help them meet the aims set out in the Agreement. Article nine of the Agreement is what this event is based on, for countries to discuss the mobilisation of climate finance, the role of public funds, and the “needs and priorities of developing country Parties”.

Annual gathering of indigenous knowledge holders

This event acknowledges the crucial knowledge the indigenous peoples have of the planet, “amassed through generations of close contact with nature”. The aim here is for developed countries to directly interact with indigenous peoples to better figure out “sustainable and resilient ways” to meet the Paris Agreement goal.

Remarks by Barack Obama

Former US president, Barack Obama, will be speaking in one of the plenary rooms this afternoon about the realities of the climate crisis.

WHO Infectious Diseases on the Move

The World Health Organisation (WHO) event will discuss “early warning systems to adapt to climate change” at their pavilion in the blue zone.

Messages from Indigenous Youth of the Arctic to COP26

Held at the Indigenous Peoples Pavilion, there will be further discussion of the impact of the climate emergency on indigenous populations.


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