Credit: Ashmita Shanthakumar

SRC and Glasgow University Amnesty International host ‘craftivism’ session for the Global Day of Activism

By Ashmita Shanthakumar

Students gather to make posters for the upcoming protests in Glasgow regarding the climate crisis.

Glasgow University Amnesty International (GUAmnesty) in cooperation with the Student Representative Council (SRC) hosted a craftivism session in preparation for protests surrounding COP26 and the Global Day of Climate Justice. Annika Kapp, Secretary of Glasgow University Amnesty International took The Glasgow Guardian through the aims of the event. 

The craftivism (a portmanteau of crafts and activism) session made a space for students to make placards for the upcoming climate crisis protests surrounding COP26, especially for the protests coinciding with the end of the first week of the conference – Fridays for Future and the Global Day of Action on Saturday 6 November – both of which are expected to attract thousands to Glasgow’s streets.  

In the spirit of sustainability the signs were made from cut up pieces of old cardboard boxes, including signs from previous protests to paint over and make new ones. 

GU Amnesty said of the relationship between human rights and climate change:  “Not only does climate change threaten a wide range of the most basic rights, but it also exacerbates already existing global inequalities. Its adverse effects on the enjoyment of the rights to life, food, water and sanitation, health, home and housing and self-determination, among others, are a major part of why climate change is an issue we simply cannot let our leaders overlook any longer. They came to Glasgow for a reason and they need to act on it now.”

The organisation provided paints, brushes, and other crafting materials for the posters and let the students run free with their creativity. One student, Julia Martinez, who is invested in issues relating to the climate crisis, and regularly protests, told The Glasgow Guardian she “loves seeing the passion of the people in the protests”.

GUAmnesty holds meetings every Tuesday at 5pm to discuss and campaign for human rights issues.


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