Credit: Lucy Dunn

Giant puppet, Little Amal, attends COP26 for Gender Day

By Lucy Dunn

The 11-foot tall puppet is taking part in “The Walk”, a distance of 8,000km, to support refugees.

Little Amal is a 3.5-metre tall puppet who is currently in the process of travelling 8,000km to raise support for refugees. She has so far travelled from Turkey, through Europe, and is now in Glasgow, in her work to follow the route that a child migrant from Syria may travel.

In this morning’s Gender Day talks, “Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action”, Little Amal stood next to Brianna Freuan, Samoan climate activist who delivered a message to the attendees of COP26 from the Global South.

Speaking to the audience, Brianna described how both her and Little Amal had presents for one another. She handed Little Amal a flower like the one she was already wearing in her hair. In return, Little Amal gave her seeds.

“I hope that these seeds can inspire you all,” Brianna said, “to plant hope that will turn into justice; to plant seeds that will grow into change.

“These seeds will not grow without work. The real work will happen outside of COP26, when we put words into action.

“The real work will happen outside of COP26, when we put words into action.”

“The seed Amal has presented today represents all girls who could not be here on this stage. These girls are counting on you, and they are counting on us. They deserve more; they deserve better from this world.”

She finished: “May her seeds be a reminder of the work to come. Once we leave COP, we may all tend to them so that they may grow into a beautiful world that is deserving of girls like Amal.”


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