Credit: Lucy Dunn

What’s on at COP26?

By Lucy Dunn

It’s day two of week two, and the ninth day of COP26. What’s happening on the conference’s Gender Day?

A number of interesting events are taking place today at COP26, as the conference gets closer to its end. We’ve compiled our favourites below…

Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action

A two-hour event hosted in one of the main plenary rooms, a number of speakers will discuss the inequality that exists within the intersection of gender and the climate crisis. Alok Sharma, COP president, said: “Gender and climate are profoundly intertwined. The impacts of climate change affects women and girls disproportionately.” This event also features the giant puppet, Little Amal.

Virtual Gender Market Place

Including a presentation of recent analysis of how countries are integrating gender into their climate crisis plans, nationally, this event looks at the extent to which countries plan to incorporate gender inequalities into their climate strategies.

Dialogue on Gender, Science, Innovation and Technology

This event is hosted by a number of groups, including: The Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) and the Technology Executive Committee (TEC), with the Facilitative Working Group (FWG) of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP), in collaboration with the UNFCCC and other partners. This conversation is made up of tech experts that will discuss the level of women’s participation in climate technology development and innovation processes. The talks aim to explore ways that adaptation and mitigation technologies used in combatting the climate crisis are gender-responsive.


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