University of Glasgow humanities festival to coincide with COP26

By Emily Merger-Davies

Climate justice meets the classics to define an exciting agenda.

The University of Glasgow has organised the Glasgow COP26 Hub, a festival during which a series of events will take place exploring the ways in which the humanities and arts respond to the climate crisis. Ten events will be held by activists, artists and academics across various disciplines, using a blend of both online and in person events between the 11-20 November.

In person events will take place in important university landmarks like the Hunterian Art Gallery and Gilmorehill Halls. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland will also host the Feel Field exhibition in which the tradition of the Bothy (a type of free shelter found across Scotland in remote areas) will be used to create a “Climate Portal” exhibition within a converted shipping container equipped with AV technology. This will aim to provide a ‘’space of reflection and intimacy with nature, whilst considering the shipping container as a unit of travel, commerce, and industry.” Other in-person events include “Greening Choirs” hosted at Langside Church on the 18th November, exploring the role of music and singing in delivering climate justice.

Online events include “Local Women of the World,” a multimedia exhibition showcasing women’s perspectives on the climate emergency. Alongside this, “Poetry and the Climate Crisis: Scotland and India’ will feature a discussion exploring how climate change can be expressed through the solidarity of international poetry. Finally, ‘Greener Gaming Hackathon” will feature a workshop on how gaming can become more environmentally friendly.

Events are free but some require bookings. Locations, times and bookings can be found here


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