The draft deal from the Glasgow summit has been published, and the reaction has been extremely mixed. What else is going on at the UN climate conference today?

With a focus on transport today, the big events are as follows:

Nancy Pelosi: a speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference this morning regarding the climate crisis.

Green shipping corridors: the launch of the Clydebank Declaration to establish cleaner pathways for ship travel was discussed this morning.

Solar Cooking: a press conference by Solar Cookers International discussed the urgency of using solar cookers as a climate solution.

Arts and Science: a discussion held about how the world of film, arts and creative communication can tell the "climate emergency story", and "inspire hope for action".

Electric vehicles: an event that will place emphasis on the importance of accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles in order to transition away from fossil fuel energy.

Sustainable aviation: a coalition will be launched that looks to encourage "green" flying.

Future of road freight: what's in store for cargo transportation? Are there other options than current transport methods?

Live streams can be found here.

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