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Glasgow City Council joins ‘Thriving Cities Initiative’

By Lauren Brooks

The two-year pilot initiative encourages cities like Glasgow to commit to sustainable development.

Glasgow City Council announced on 11 November it will join the Thriving Cities Initiative of cities working to meet the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement goals. 

The initiative is a two-year pilot project for cities who acknowledge the need to tackle unsustainable consumption and transfer to sustainable economies. As part of its wider COP26 legacy the initiative aims to help push Glasgow towards its climate target of net-zero carbon by 2030 and becoming a circular city by 2045.

Glasgow will foster community led action and create new business models so all citizens can enjoy a high standard of living within planetary boundaries. The city aims to create a co-devised vision and plan with local communities, business, academic institutions, sports, arts and culture.  The plan is to achieve a sustainable, improved quality of life for Glasgow citizens by developing a system that incentivises sustainable economic activity which generates employment, while also reducing consumption emissions.

Prominent panel speakers attended the launch including Jamie Toney, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Solutions at the University of Glasgow and Kate Raworth, economist and author of “Doughnut Economics”.

Regarding the launch, Leader of the Council, Cllr Aitken said: “Becoming a Thriving City adds real purpose and momentum to these ambitions, helping ensure Glasgow’s existing policies and actions to improve the lives and well-being of Glaswegians are delivered within planetary boundaries.

“This transition to Net Zero will require big changes. Glasgow’s last big transition following the demise of our heavy industries was neither fair nor just. This time we’ll get it right. And the real practical knowledge, experience and expertise becoming a Thriving City brings to our city partnerships delivering climate and social justice will be invaluable in the decade ahead. We look forward to working together.”


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