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Disability Service expansion sees three new advisors

By Scott Hornell

The University’s Disability Service has hired three new advisors to help with high demand.

The University has expanded its disability service by hiring three new advisors to the service. These new advisers began working at the service several weeks ago. The advisers will tend to the varied and specific needs of hundreds of staff and students and empower them to experience in full everything the university has to offer. 

The service offers a  range of provisions and specialist support to people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health conditions in the form of financial aid, assistive technologies, alternative exam arrangements and more.

The reason for the increased demand for the service could be attributed to the worrying rise in mental health issues among students over the last 18 months. Throughout both lockdowns, over one in three young people (34%) said that their mental health has gotten much worse during the pandemic and as per a report published by the University, younger adults (18-29 years) were more likely to report suicidal thoughts, and 14% reported suicidal thoughts by the third wave of Covid-19.

If you or anyone you know is living with a physical disability, learning difficulty, or mental illness then you can refer yourself or them to the disability service by calling 0141 330 (5497)/(5121)/(7237)/(2260) or email at [email protected].

You can find the Disability Service at 65 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow. 


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