Credit: SRC

SRC developing harm reduction campaign

By Denver Correia

Launched in collaboration with alcohol awareness week, the campaign aims to help students struggling with their relationship to drugs and alcohol.

The University of Glasgow Student Representative Council (SRC) is developing a harm reduction campaign centred around drug and alcohol use. 

The harm reduction campaign was launched in collaboration with alcohol awareness week, which was held between 15-21 November with the fundamental aim of awareness-raising, campaigning, and supporting people affected by alcohol consumption. This campaign was developed to provide insights into the steps the SRC is taking raising awareness of harm reduction around drug and alcohol use. 

In particular, the harm reduction campaign aims to raise awareness of the services and support the SRC has in place for students and focus on the complex relationship between alcohol and mental health. Described as the United Kingdom’s favourite coping mechanism, the short time positive feelings alcohol gives us at first can over time contribute to poor mental health, leading to a vicious cycle of drinking being used to cope. 

To further support students within this campaign, the SRC also held a support session on 18 November in the McIntyre building in conjunction with the Glasgow Council on Alcohol. This session was aimed at people who feel they are struggling with their relationship to alcohol or to alcohol and their mental health. 


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