Credit: UofG men's and women's basketball via Facebook

UofG basketball club win club of the year

By Claire Thomson

A recent success for the University of Glasgow’s basketball club as they are praised for their community outreach and dedication to the sport.

The University of Glasgow men’s and women’s basketball club has been awarded club of the year by the Sports Council for Glasgow (SCG) as a result of their outstanding performance in sport and community outreach. 

UofG’s basketball club was praised by the Chairman of the SCG, Kevin Ansell, for their commitment towards the physical, social and personal development of their members as well as supporting children and teenagers in the wider Glasgow community. It was felt that the club embodied the SCG motto – “For People, For Sport” – as they provided backing to their competitive teams whilst simultaneously growing their membership and increasing participation in basketball. The club’s work with the Govan Rising Stars programme, which uses basketball to teach important life skills, principles and lessons to teenagers, showed their presence in the community and desire to make basketball inclusive and accessible to all.

In response to the achievement, president of the University of Glasgow men’s basketball club, Ramsay Reynolds highlighted that the Club of the Year award “was a testament to the club’s (men and women) commitment to hard work and its understanding of the power of sports to affect positive change in people’s lives and the society at large. This serves as recognition that the investment in young people’s character, abilities and aspirations has paid dividends. Our only wish is that this recognition will inspire more young people in the Glasgow University Programme to step up and contribute their ideas, time and energy to keep moving it forward.”


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