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Cocktails to switch up pre-drinks

By Carol McCahon

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at pres, and always go for the same thing. Carol McCahon is here to fix that!

Pre-drinks can get pretty predictable when you’re trying to save money. I’m sure we’re all sick of that same cheap bottle of vodka that you’re making last as long as possible, and the only thing that spices it up is when you splurge on a bottle of sprite instead of the usual 45p lemonade. If you want to make pres a bit more exciting, here are a few recipes.

Pint of Fun

Vodka 1 shot (25ml)

WKD or VK 1 bottle

Lemonade approximately 600ml (to top up)

Whether you’ve had one too many pints of fun in Hive and found yourself spewing in the toilets or you’ve only heard of them through reading glasknow posts, I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to find one you like. A ten pack of WKD or VK can be found in many shops with a variety of flavours. If you chip in with your friends it won’t add up to much and you can have a few of these Glasgow uni classics before heading to Hive and paying an extortionate amount for one. If you simply cannot stand vodka anymore because of that one night out, try replacing it with a different spirit – I would highly recommend Malibu.

Pink Gin Spritz

Pink gin 1 shot

Prosecco 2 shots

Lemonade approximately 600ml (to top up)

This is a perfect one for any gin lovers and is a bit fancier than a pint of fun. It’s the perfect drink for if you’re feeling fancy – I’d definitely recommend putting it in either a wine glass or a gin goblet. And if, like me, you used to love pink gin so much that you drank it every time you went out and now can’t even smell it without gagging, you can change the pink gin to any flavour you want. You could make this cocktail with any kind: rhubarb and ginger; violet; or just a classic gin.

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

Mint leaves approximately six

Lime juice a few drops (depending on how sour you like it)

Pineapple juice 1 shot 

Lemonade/soda approximately 600ml (to top up)

Are you the designated driver? Do you have a class at 9am but will get FOMO if you don’t go out? Or do you just not drink? Well then, this twist on a classic is perfect for you. If pineapple juice isn’t for you, you can switch it out for any fruit juice of your choice – if you’re feeling extra fancy you could even use some elderflower cordial. This mocktail is perfect for anyone who is sick of drinking a diet coke every week at pres.


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