Credit: University of Glasgow

Glasgow student’s poem read out in Scottish Parliament

By Patrick Gaffey

Shehzar Doja’s poem on climate change was read out by Fiona Hyslop MSP.

In a speech given to the Scottish parliament on 25 November, a poem written by University of Glasgow doctor of fine arts student, Shehzar Doja – titled “No fresh soil left to plant” – was read out. 

Linlithgow MSP Fiona Hyslop was addressing the lack of aid given to Global South nations affected by the climate emergency when she quoted from Doja’s poem: “When seasons quiver together in subservience/ assortments which once grew in temperate calm/ repeals any further invitations.” The MSP also discussed how Doja, who is originally from Bangladesh “has seen the devastating impacts of climate change in his home country first-hand”.

Doja told The Glasgow Guardian that it was “absolutely surreal” to hear his work cited in parliament. He said: “I have always felt poetry has the power to make changes to the world in a positive way and felt that belief vindicated to an extent when the poem was quoted in that legislative space.”

He added that he would “completely agree” with Hyslop that “we need more poetry in parliament”.

The full poem can be found here. 


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