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You May Have Missed: October

By Olivia Marrins

Olivia Marrins highlights some records from this past October that may have slipped under the radar.

October saw the release of many highly anticipated albums such as Music Of The Spheres by Coldplay and Lana Del Ray’s Blue Banisters. However, I would like to review the albums which fell a little under the public eye that month, from indie soul to alternative hip-hop, last month celebrating all genres. Though many artists have been passed over by the mainstream recognition of releases, I found the albums by Coco, JPEGMAFIA, Jarvis Cocker and BADBADNOTGOOD to capture a range of music suitable for most listeners. Here, you will find the perfect guide of what you missed listening to that month.

Coco by Coco

Coco’s self-titled debut saw the elusive outfit follow up a string of acclaimed singles in 2020. The band have come out of their secretive identities to bring a production of warmth and comfort to its listening. They produce sunny, 70s golden hour effects that beam into the album, making it the ultimate autumnal listen. Alongside Last of Loving and Eleanor, Empty Beach is the track which encapsulates the feel of the album.


A little louder than the previous album, JPEGMAFIA’s blend of punk and rap is yet to be enjoyed by those out with the internet vacuum. It’s Peggy’s humour, used to deliver oppressing messages of racism and the industry’s issues, which allows the album to be so personally connective to the listener. Mentionable tracks include Trust! and Are you Happy!

 Chansons d’Ennui Tip-Top by Jarvis Cocker

This Jarvis Cocker and Wes Anderson collaboration perfectly reimagines their mutual obsession with the 1960s. Accompanying Anderson’s The French Dispatch, the covers of classic French pop tunes explore a side to music yet to be acknowledged in British culture. This album’s highlights feature Parole Parole and Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flours.


BADBADNOTGOOD’s third album emphasises their alt-jazz style yet incorporates a modern hip-hop element that sets it apart from previous releases. The band uses a technique of deconstructing classic rhythms and rebuilding them to produce a psychedelic effect to each song, perfect for a late-night listen. The top tracks of this album are Beside April, City of Mirrors and Signal from the Noise.


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