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How to quarantine in a uni flat

By Melody Sequeira

Tested positive or contacted by track and trace? Writer Melody Sequeira tells us how she survived two quarantines in her university bedroom.

As someone who has had to quarantine twice for 10 days each time, I think I am experienced enough to talk about how to handle a quarantine. It is difficult to quarantine in a university house, but here are some tips and activities that helped me get through it. 

The power of Uber Eats

I had to quarantine due to the government travel restrictions, and so having to do this without being able to go to the supermarket to get food was tricky. One thing that helped me was food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. They tend to have a lot of discount codes so getting items delivered to your doorstep won’t break your bank! 

Maintaining motivation

Another problem that I faced during this time was the lack of productivity. Something that helped me stay motivated to do work was creating a list of chores, assignments, readings I had to get done. I then took 4-5 hours every day to complete a few things off my list! I also used a few hours each day to learn a new hobby. 

“Something that helped me stay motivated to do work was creating a list of chores, assignments, readings I had to get done…”

Learning to beat the lonely

I was learning new things like cooking and knitting. Knowing how to cook as a student is an essential skill to have. Use this time to experiment with food; scroll through some recipes and meal prep for the week! I even learnt how to knit and crochet through the summer, so I spent time in quarantine crocheting myself a new bag. Pursuing a creative hobby, will channel your creativity whilst still staying productive. 

FaceTime your friends

It’s really important to stay connected with your friends and family during this time. Having to isolate alone can be very overwhelming, so get in touch with your friends and family and talk to them often. Also, try to maintain a social life; join in some online socials if there are any taking place during your time in isolation. Many university societies still regularly hold socials and activities via Zoom.

Finding peace of mind

Lastly, it is important to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Practice some self-care during this time, maybe read a book or meditate for peace of mind. Try to get some fresh air into your house by leaving the windows open for a few hours in the morning. Additionally, keep your body moving; fit in a workout or stretch session in the mornings or evening to keep you energized and motivated. 

Having to quarantine in a university house can be really challenging so reach out and ask for help, if you are feeling overwhelmed or lonely during this time. There are many well-being and peer support services around the university that are here to help you; the University of Glasgow Counselling & Psychological Services are currently offering their services and support remotely. 

These tips and practices kept me going during my time in quarantine, and I hope they keep you going too. Good luck, you got this! 


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