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A gift guide for every sort of friend

By Flora Gosling

Lacking inspiration after Christmas? Unsure what your Film Studies friend even likes? Here’s the perfect gift guide for you. 

Gift-giving can be both gleeful and exhausting at the same time. You’ve got to find something they want, something they will actually use, and something they haven’t been given a million times before (looking at you, fancy soaps and bath bombs). So here is a list of ideas for the different kinds of people in your life; ideas that are on-trend and, with any luck, haven’t been thought of before.

Arty people: screen printing kit

In my opinion the best craft projects are the ones that create practical items you use every day. Screen printing has become more and more popular over the last year, and it gives someone the chance to show off their handiwork when they’re out and about. This screen printing kit from Cass Art on Queen Street has everything you need to print your own design on a t-shirt, cushion cover, or tote bag. 

Influencers: torso candle

A recent trend that I find empowering (if sometimes a little silly) is the obsession with putting boobs on everything. If I’m scrolling through a student influencer’s Instagram posts it is only a matter of time before I see a pot plant with ceramic breasts or tote bag with line drawings of variously shaped tits. One of my favourites has been torso candles, which have a kind of Grecian statue elegance to them. The curvy metallic bronze torso candle from Decadent Riot on Park Road just off Great Western Road is the best I have seen. Even if the recipient is used to receiving candles for birthdays (I sure know I am) odds are they won’t have one as stunning as this!

Film buff people: film review book

Whether your gift recipient enjoys Marvel marathons, obscure indie darlings, or scaring themselves shitless with horror flicks, there are so many kinds of movie fans. A neat gift for movie fans to keep track of their thoughts is this sleek review notebook from Not on the High Street. On each page there are sections like Director/Writer, the genre, stars out of five, and of course a space for a short review. Writing down your thoughts on a piece of art is an engaging and clarifying way to consider its merits and flaws, especially without the pressure of having to share those reviews. This gift works for book lovers too, as there’s the option to use it for book reviews as well!

Gamer people: Nintendo DS earrings

Buying gifts for a gamer can be a tricky task.  So much is dependent on knowing what games they play, and what merch from those games is considered cool and what is considered cringy. So for something a little kitsch, a little silly, and retro enough that it doesn’t even matter if it’s irrelevant, take a look at these earrings from Black-owned Northern Irish jewellery store Cuteryko. These are made with real, functional DS cartridges and have classic options from our childhood such as Moshi Monsters, Big Brain Academy, and Fifa. Your recipient doesn’t have their ears pierced? Then have a look at these key rings with miniature PS3 game cases from Akemay on Etsy, with a huge list of game choices including Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham City, and The Last of Us

Busy people: a monthly subscription box

We all know at least one person who has a lot on their plate. In fact a lot of us, especially since the pandemic began, have found challenges and responsibilities have grown exponentially over the last year. With that in mind, sometimes the best thing you can give someone isn’t just a thing that will be put on a shelf, but something that makes their lives a little bit easier. If you have a generous budget, there are subscription services like Potage and Allplants which deliver ready-made meals (not recipe kits) to their door. Or, if you’re really close with the recipient and they menstruate, consider giving them a subscription to a period subscription service like Blob Box or Yoppie, which delivers a new box of products monthly. Or, as ordinary as it sounds, something as simple as a subscription to Smol to have laundry pods delivered through the letterbox can offer the gift of having one less thing to think about.


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