Performance snapshots can be seen alongside each other, featuring characters Cyrano de Bergerac and Ragueneau.

Anticipating…Cyrano de Bergerac

By Micaela Levesque

Micaela Levesque notes what can be expected from the play’s latest adaptation.

Cyrano de Bergerac is coming to Glasgow! And no, not the new movie expected in cinemas this summer. A revival of the 2019 production of the play starring James McAvoy, Cyrano is coming to the Theatre Royal Glasgow this March for a limited nine-show run.

Edmond Rostand’s story of Cyrano de Bergerac follows the titular character, Cyrano, an incredibly witty and talented man plagued by a “hideous” nose. He assists the handsome Christian in wooing Roxane, despite being in love with her himself. The story is based on a real person, but the fictionalized narrative has been adapted many times since its original conception in 1897. This production was the first performance of the adaptation by Martin Crimp.

The production was originally performed in London in 2019 at the Harold Pinter Theatre and was directed by the prolific Jamie Lloyd – known for working with classic stories and big names. His work often appeals to a population younger and more diverse than traditional theatre audiences. This production, which uses a stark stage and modern dress, removes the story from its historic period and brings it to the modern-day. 

X-Men fans will be excited to see Professor X live on the stage, but if the 2019 reviews are any indication, potential audience members should be prepared to enjoy much more than James McAvoy’s star power. The production received critical success previously, including praise for McAvoy’s performance, so we can expect similar acclaim this time around. Seeing a recognizable actor play on stage with an equally skilled ensemble will be a joy for any audience. The run is anticipated to sell out, so interested theatre fans should get their tickets now!

Tickets for Cyrano de Bergerac, which runs from Friday 18 to Saturday 26 March 2022, can be found through the official ATG website here


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