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Women called to complete survey on safety in Glasgow

By Divya Venkattu

The survey uses an interactive map to pinpoint areas of concern to women’s safety.

In a bid to make the city a safer place for women, Glasgow-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Wise Women and Glasgow Girls Club have come together to create an online survey asking women to highlight specific places where safety is a concern. 

The survey invites women who live, work and study in Glasgow to share their experiences and safety concerns. Participants are asked to identify the neighborhoods in Glasgow where they have felt unsafe, and share information regarding them. There is a map of Glasgow which participants can use to specifically pinpoint a place and then answer a brief set of questions regarding how and when the location is unsafe, including suggestions on how safety can be improved there. Contributions for the survey can be made confidentially and all inputs will be used to improve support and security for women in Glasgow. 

Wise Women is a non-profit organization based in Glasgow that provides personal safety and confidence-building courses and workshops to empower women in Glasgow’s local communities. Glasgow Girls Club is involved in mentoring young girls and women of disadvantaged areas of Glasgow. It works on diverse issues such as cat-calling, positive body image, food justice and the role of the media. It engages women in social entrepreneurship and the digital and creative industries with the aim of nurturing their self-esteem and honing their individual talents. 

The survey can be accessed here


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