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Mindstep raise £100k for research at UofG

By Lauren Brooks

The charity has raised money to fund suicide prevention research at the University.

The Mindstep Foundation has raised £100k for suicide prevention research at the University of Glasgow, led by Professor Rory O’Connor. 

The foundation is a family-run mental-health charity that was founded to help educate people on the warning signs and consequences of untreated mental health issues. The charity also raises awareness and reduces stigma around mental health, with the aim of preventing suicide, particularly in young men.

Through the Mindstep Foundation Fellowship, the charity based at the University of Glasgow, has funded the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory (SBRL). Professor Rory O’Connor, a world-renowned suicide prevention research expert led the research at Glasgow University. The research has helped improve risk assessments, intervention, and treatment planning for those at risk of suicide.  

Stacey Davis founded the Mindstep Foundation in 2018 alongside her family, following the suicide of her son Max Davis, who took his own life at the age of 22 after suffering with depression. She said: “We were determined to help those who felt the same as Max and to prevent another family having to experience the pain of bereavement by suicide. Whilst suicide is the biggest killer of young men under 45, research into prevention is chronically underfunded.”

Professor Rory O’Connor, head of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory at the University of Glasgow said: “I am so incredibly grateful to Tracey and the Mindstep Foundation for supporting our research into understanding and preventing suicide, through the Mindstep Foundation Fellowship. Their generous support has allowed us to identify specific groups who have been particularly affected by the pandemic, as well as other research into identifying those who are most at risk of suicide. I am delighted that we will continue our partnership with the Mindstep Foundation for at least another two years as we continue to tackle the devastation of suicide.”

Mindstep co-founder Tracey Davis concluded: “We are very thankful to our incredible supporters who have helped us raise over £100,000 for this vital research. The Mindstep Foundation Fellowship would not be possible without their efforts.”

The charity has stated it will continue to support the research at Glasgow University for a further two years.

Support can be found at Donations for the Mindstep Foundation can be made at


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