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What your study soundtrack says about you

By Flora Gosling

Writer Flora Gosling reveals what your study music says about you.

Studying can be tough, can’t it? We find ourselves in our flats, cramming material that we can’t even remember learning in class. And we’ve all got a soundtrack that gets us through it. So here’s the lowdown on what the music you listen to as you study says about you…


Ah, a classic. Some of us have become very familiar with a certain anime girl on YouTube. Well, if you listen to lo-fi as you study, you are one of two people: laidback 24/7, or intense as all hell. 

You laidback people listen to lo-fi all the time anyway – you just happen to be doing some studying right now. You have a large collection of cosy socks, and even though you wouldn’t say you’re excited when plans get cancelled, it does present a lovely opportunity to kick back and watch your comfort movie for the 4th time this month. 

On the other hand, there are the intense people who are listening to lo-fi because you’re hoping it’ll force you to concentrate. Is it working? Doesn’t matter, you have far more important things to worry about. You might be under pressure now, but when the time comes to have fun you pour every ounce of your being into letting loose; no one knows how hard you party until they see you party. 


Oh la-di-dah. Aren’t we sophisticated? Your hobbies are no less impressive; you read books about history, you go to public lectures for fun, and over lockdown you set up a small business. You abstain from social media because you can’t see any reason why you would want it. Whenever you go out to a restaurant you order a dish with some obscure ingredient in the description, and pronounce it perfectly. But behind all that, you have a few guilty pleasures. Something along the lines of “Love Island” or “Mr Pimple Popper”, but that’s a carefully guarded secret.

Your Workout Playlist

You scare me. Whoever approaches studying with the same energy as going to the gym is terrifying. You’re studying business or economics or something of that ilk, and if anyone asks what your plans are after university you have a 10-slide PowerPoint at the ready. You wouldn’t say you’re judging people who aren’t as ready to, ahem, “get this bread” as you, but you’ve been at the library since 7:30 this morning and can’t understand why other people can’t do the same. You like to start debates, but don’t always know how to finish them, so most of the time you just hope that the imposter syndrome isn’t leaking through. 

Musical Soundtracks

Listening to musical soundtracks doesn’t necessarily mean you’re theatrical yourself, but what you are is optimistic. Delightfully so. Even as the group chat seems to be in meltdown, you’re the one to come in and assure everyone that everything is going to be alright, answer the same questions a million times, and share a picture of your pet to lift spirits. You’re prone to spontaneity, and your bank statement knows it. You can be pretty gullible though: when that scam about collecting parcels was going around a few months ago you clicked it every time, you silly goose.


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