Rose Goddard and cast members surround a large present that they look at with excitement.

Rose Goddard: ‘Eating up the space on stage to this iconic score is what dreams are made of!’

By Marcus Hyka

Marcus Hyka chats to the professional dancer and star of Matthew Bourne’s upcoming production before it hits Glasgow.

With the reopening of Scottish theatres, New Adventures are once again gracing the stage of Glasgow’s King’s Theatre, this time with a production of Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!. The Glasgow Guardian had the chance to catch up with professional dancer and Glasgow native Rose Goddard to discuss her experience performing in this candy-coated theatrical phenomenon.

The Glasgow Guardian: I read that one of your first experiences performing was in another production of The Nutcracker. It seems like such a full-circle moment, experiencing the show again at a later stage in your career whilst in your hometown.

Rose Goddard: Yeah, it’s amazing! I performed with Ballet West when I was five years old during their Scottish tour. It was a lovely experience and my first look at professional life. When I got to see the professionals dancing, I could never have imagined I would be up there with them. I’m really excited to be back with friends and back where I learned everything. It’s really special.

GG: How has it been dancing for such a highly esteemed company like New Adventures?

Rose: They are one of the most famous companies in the world, and it was always a dream company for me, so to start at the top of my vision, I feel like I’ve made it! We started rehearsals last October. It’s just so rewarding.

GG: What draws you to the characters you’re portraying?

Rose: I play two characters. I’m a Cupid, which is a duet role in the story, and we basically help Clara into Sweetie Land to find Nutcracker and fall in love. There are lots of lovely character moments on stage, and as it’s a duet, it is quite demanding to sync up with your partner. You have to really connect. I also play a Marshmallow, which is a very light, fluffy, and pink character, the complete opposite of the Cupid. It’s really lovely to play such polar opposites, to change the dynamic onstage.

GG: Matthew Bourne is renowned for his imaginative visions. What creative twist does he embed within his unique interpretation of this classical ballet? 

Rose: The set is very thought-through and brilliantly comes together! There is a giant cake on stage, and the door to Sweetie Land is a massive mouth with lips and a swirling tongue. It’s all very imaginative. This part of the show is very different compared to the first half, which is very grey and gloomy and set in an orphanage. Firstly, the set transforms from this to a sparkly, white snow scene, and then the second act goes to Sweetie Land with all the colours.

GG: If you had to select your favourite aspect of performing in this piece of theatre, what would it be?

Rose: It would have to be the combination of the brilliant movement and the music. It’s what you train to do. Eating up the space on stage to this iconic score is what dreams are made of! Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker! is at Kings Theatre, Glasgow from 22-26 February


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