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Credit: Eliott Reyna

Glasgow scores as 13th best city in the world for young people

By Helena Geddes

New research has placed Glasgow as the 13th best city in the world to live during your 20s.

Data from the financial services platform evaluated cities on factors they deemed as fundamental to ensuring maximum enjoyment for the younger generation.

The data looked at various factors in cities from rent costs to the all-important price of a pint being examined. Other important factors included nightlife, things to do, “Instagrammability”, and friendliness towards the LGBTQ+ community. said: “Glasgow ticks all of the boxes – from an average monthly salary of £2,134, rent cost of £695, plus average costs of transport and a pint make it a very affordable place to live.”

Although Glasgow was commended for its affordability, it scored low on both “Instagrammability” and LGBTQ+ friendliness.

The data lands Glasgow second place for destinations in the UK, and the number six spot for cities in Europe.

London beats Glasgow as the best place to live in the UK during your 20s, ranking at number 11. Despite being more expensive, the study hails it the most “Instagrammable” city in the world, with an abundance of opportunities available to young people.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at, said: “Whether it’s across the globe or closer to home, many young people choose their 20s as the perfect opportunity to relocate. There are many different factors to consider when moving including job prospects, cost of rent and the all important activity and night life in the city.”

The number one city on the list was San Francisco, with the remaining top five consisting of cities in North America including Austin, Portland, Vancouver and Chicago respectively. No UK cities made the top 10.


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