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2022 fashion forecast

By Gabriel Wheway

This year’s fashion must-haves, as predicted by Sports Editor Gabriel Wheway.

Denim revival 

This season’s use of denim, particularly on the runway, has many critics predicting a rethink of the style completely. This has involved an adjustment of production techniques in order to evoke the structure of the denim on more comfortable fabrics. Diesel and Balenciaga were witnessed blowing up proportions of denim jeans, creating the ultimate baggy look, while Maison Margiela and Louis Vuitton’s pre- autumn/winter collections have combined workwear with high fashion trends.  From a more accessible standpoint, low rise jeans are back, and they are lower than ever. Models Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid have been spotted sporting baggy, low-rise styles, often exposing the midriff in order to accentuate a piece of underwear – a look more commonly known as the “whale tail”.  Depop searches for low rise jeans have increased by 36 per cent since the start of 2022. I recommend investing in a pair as soon as possible, before they become highly covetable. As skinny jeans have been completely and undeniably phased out, flared trousers, baggy denim, and low rise jeans are the ones to look out for this coming year. 

Looking away from denim it seems that miniskirts are also here to stay for 2022, but maybe wait until Spring to fully embrace this trend. Burberry, Balmain and Versace are a few of the many high-end designers who have continued to adopt the style for pre-autumn 2022. 

Sustainable materials 

While sustainability in fashion remains a complex topic, there has been some notable progression in the area from leading designers – over the last year, particularly. Designers in 2022 have an obligation to be more aware of fast fashion’s consequences and how important sustainable materials are when creating new pieces. Stella McCartney, a longtime leader in sustainable high fashion and vegan-friendly fabrics, has begun to work with a material called Mylo, a sustainable leather alternative made from mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. Obviously, Stella McCartney’s collection may exceed some people’s budget, so for a more affordable but still eco-friendly option, look out for pieces that are made from recycled polyester or cactus leather. High street brands Levi’s, Patagonia, and Reformation have also recently detailed their commitment to the environment; using renewable techniques and recycled materials in order to better their carbon footprint.  

Big, baggy outerwear 

The oversized look may feel very 2016, but XXL puffer jackets and outerwear have been amongst many early collections for 2022. Boxy silhouettes remain popular within contemporary fashion trends, and it seems puffer jackets are joining in. Wide-fitting, sculptural and cropped designs from the likes of Rick Owens and Bottega Veneta, have brought a revitalised look to the ever-so-common puffer for these cold winter months. Look out for plenty of unique down-filled creations in 2022. If the high-end prices don’t match your budget, there are plenty of affordable options you can size up on. Single block colours seem to be dominating the rails in the new year, so it’s probably time to let go of that obnoxiously patterned and outplayed North Face Nuptse. Aside from the oversized look, classic leather coats and varsity jackets seem to have continued their dominance from 2021. As much as we would all love Kanye’s classic Balenciaga piece, Vintage is the way to go with this one. Unique pieces are easier to come by with leather jackets, and varsity jackets often boast some wacky and stylish designs. With all this in mind, layering is once again predicted to dominate in 2022, so continue to mix different textures, materials and pieces to stay chic in these colder months. 

Unique Accessories 

While hats and headwear are often a challenge to pull off, 2022 has already seen some new styles being adopted by fashion influencers. The balaclava continues to be a popular accessory, with its functionality and layering versatility creating a covetable winter piece. Fuzzy trapper hats and furry bucket hats are also trending, many seen embracing the apres-ski look with more dressy attire. From colourful shearling designs to classic all-black plush styles, this winter look becomes chic with ease. Elsewhere, sunglasses are being worn year-round with many winter looks incorporating a sporty pair of shades.  From new Oakley sunglasses to futuristic designs from Lexxola and Balenciaga, wherever you buy your shades from, and whatever sartorial avenue you may choose, they will most definitely elevate your look. Lastly, whether you want to look like a 90s rapper or have simply been influenced by A Christmas Carol, heavy chains are in for the new year. The thicker, the better, perhaps.  

All these looks will be everywhere in 2022, so be sure to revamp your wardrobe to get ready for the rest of the season. The days of gendering clothing are far behind us, and all these anticipated trends for the coming year can be worn by whoever wants to. Invest in long-lasting reputable pieces, search for distinctive and unique styles in vintage shops and try to leave skinny jeans behind you, we all know it’s for the best. 


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