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UofG to be hit by markers strike

By Luke Chafer

UCU vote through a marking and assessment boycott at 41 universities.

The University and College Union (UCU) have announced a marking and assessment boycott across 41 Universities, one of those being the University of Glasgow. The action is part of the ongoing four fights and pension disputes, which has already seen 13 days of strike action this year. This escalation could see a delay in students receiving their grades this summer

The exact dates are to be decided by the Union’s higher education committee on 12 May, however, earlier this year the UCU Glasgow branch passed a motion that allows them to take action independently of the central body. 

The decision comes alongside unofficial action which has seen a number of external markers resign from their roles at the University as part of the ongoing dispute. As it stands The Glasgow Guardian is aware of five external markers that have resigned. 

UCU general secretary Jo Grady said: ‘The decision taken by our members to escalate the pay and working conditions dispute to a marking and assessment boycott reflects their justifiable anger at university vice-chancellors who continue to ignore their concerns whilst drawing over-inflated salaries and hoarding billions in reserves.

“University staff have been clear that many simply cannot contemplate staying in higher education whilst wages fall, workloads rise, and nothing is done to address the rampant use of insecure contracts or shocking equality failings. Vice-chancellors should be ashamed of this record, but rather than solve this dispute they have become more intransigent than ever. Students and staff alike deserve so much better.

“The union’s full weight is behind every member who is taking this action on behalf of all university staff and students, which is the only way to secure the long term future of the sector.”


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Jamie Fitzpatrick

Solidarity from students will be very important, complain to the management and let them know you support the strike!

Morgan Fraser

As a student I do not support the strikes. The strikes affect us and not those in control of wages. Go back to work socialists and think of a better strategy. You are failing us students. I lost 3 weeks to strikes this year and that’s a lot of useful material. Shame on you.