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Former Glasgow University medicine student convicted of rape

By Kimberley Mannion

A former University of Glasgow medicine student has been sentenced to five years in prison for rape.

23-year-old Daniel McFarlane, originally from Inverness, raped his victim several times at her Finnieston flat between December 2017 and February 2018.

McFarlane was also an athlete, and one of the attacks reportedly unfolded after returning with his victim from a competition in Sheffield.

The victim’s statement describes the continued impact McFarlane’s behaviour had on her, leading to her attempted suicide. 

The court heard how the former UofG medic sent a friend a text message saying he had “done despicable things”, before trying to get him to delete the messages.

McFarlane claimed the texts were “false admissions” and pleaded guilty, but the High Court in Glasgow handed him a five year sentence. 

He has also been placed indefinitely on the sex offenders register, meaning he will never be able to qualify as a doctor.

Judge Lord Scott stated: “What makes your conduct even more deplorable and puzzling is you had a supportive childhood and were a useful member of society with a bright future ahead of you.”


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