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Broadcast agrees to shut down venue until working conditions improve

By Lucy Dunn

This move comes after numerous complaints by workers, and action taken by Unite the Union.

Glasgow bar Broadcast, situated on Sauchiehall Street, has informed its workers that it will close whilst work is carried out to improve conditions for workers. This follows a written complaint being launched against the bar by eleven of its workers last week.

Staff complaints included issues with health and safety hazards, pay, maintenance and employment contracts. The letter also complained that disabled toilets were without alarms. Photographs of the staff office and toilets have been uploaded online, with Unite the Union branding them as “some of the worst breaches of health and safety we’ve ever dealt with, including really dangerous levels of rot & mould”. 

Signatories of the complaint were promptly removed from their rotas according to Unite, reportedly told that they did not have jobs anymore. Days later, a sacked Unite the Union member was reinstated in her job after her treatment was publicised on social media, according to Unite.

Since the allegations of Broadcast’s hygiene and pay issues, and their subsequent reported treatment of staff, were taken online, musicians who frequented the bar have publicly voiced their support. Danse Macabre stated: “We DJed at Broadcast for several years. The pictures speak for themselves and the issues with pay and conditions are gravely concerning. 

“To see Broadcast respond to these concerns and attempt [sic] at collective bargaining by firing all the union members is a step too far.

“Union busting is unlawful, and until all staff are re-engaged, their demands met, and their union recognised, we are re-considering where we spend our money.”

A spokesperson for Broadcast said: “We had a frank and open meeting with five representatives of Broadcast Union and their Unite representatives, and we have agreed on a positive pathway to resolve their concerns.

“Broadcast will close with immediate effect to carry out improvement works on the building and will reopen when all parties are satisfied that working conditions have been improved.

“Staff will be paid their wages during this time.”

Bryan Simpson of Unite Hospitality said: “There were positive negotiations between the owner of Broadcast and our lead reps there, and we have agreed a pathway to resolve the health, safety and security issues, as well as the outstanding contractual issues.”

Broadcast’s owner, Paul Carlow, also runs Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.


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