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Third year student who attacked Hive bouncers ordered to pay compensation

By Kimberley Mannion

A University of Glasgow student who attacked bouncers at Glasgow University Union (GUU)’s Hive nightclub has been ordered to pay them £400 in compensation.

Third year engineering student Archibald Watters pled guilty to assaulting door staff outside Hive on 4 February 2022 after they refused him entry.

The 19-year-old student, originally from Edinburgh, was told he could not enter the club due to rules about time of entry.

Watters grabbed bouncers’ hands and forced his way through the door before the security staff were able to get him back outside.

He was then held in another room while 999 was called, where he punched bouncers Declan Cunningham and Gerard O’Donnell. The student was then held on the ground before being arrested.

While in the police van he called officers “f***ing c***s”.

Watters pled guilty to assaulting door staff and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner. The court ordered him to pay £200 in compensation to each of the bouncers.

The third year’s lawyer told the court: “Mr Watters regrets his actions and has shown remorse by pleading guilty.

“He is a third year civil engineering student and he appreciates this offence may have an impact on his future. He works with a construction company in the summer and has worked part time at a restaurant.”


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Delete This

Not in the public interest to report this. Also an exaggeration of the events which happened.