University of Stirling accommodation. Credit: Flickr

Incoming UofG students could be housed in Stirling

By Luke Chafer

Due to oversubscription for accommodation in Glasgow the University is in talks with Stirling to increase capacity.

Following an email sent to students on 9 August confirming the removal of the accommodation guarantee for incoming students, The Glasgow Guardian has been informed by Stirling University that the University of Glasgow has entered talks with them to increase capacity for student accommodation for the coming year. Following an FOI request it has been confirmed that this agreement, if reached would be in addition to the 25% increase already promised for incoming students.

If students were housed in Stirling would be housed 32 miles away in a journey that takes 45 minutes to drive and an hour 15 by public transport. 

A University of Stirling spokesperson said: “We have had preliminary discussions with colleagues in Glasgow, where student accommodation is currently oversubscribed, to understand how we might be able to support, should we have any vacancies for the new academic year.”


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