Delays in CAS could affect visa applications for international students. Credit: Flickr

International students could be forced to defer due to CAS delays

By Luke Chafer

Failure by UofG to meet the CAS deadline of 10 days wait means students have been unable to secure visas for the start. 

International students may not make the start of the semester after the University has failed to meet its guarantee of supplying CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study letter), which is required by the Home Office to secure a visa.

One student who spoke to The Glasgow Guardian who is trying to return to the University of Glasgow after terminating their studies due to online learning two years ago has received emails from the University suggesting that they will have to defer if they arrive five days after the start of teaching on 19 September. The student submitted their request on 15 August after trying to get in touch earlier in the year but being told that it was too early to apply. Another issue this student described is that without a visa it has been even more difficult to secure accommodation in the city.

Another student speaking to The Glasgow Guardian, coming from Malaysia to study a postgraduate degree said: “I received the unconditional offer on 9 August and I accepted the offer right away. Then, I gave the University my unofficial degree transcripts and completion of study letter. On 22 August, my agent submitted the full official transcript and degree certificate through the applicant self-service. However, the Uni acknowledged them on the 26 August and asked us to wait between 5-10 days for the issuance of CAS. My agent tried to chase the Uni but they said they could not do anything and asked us to wait until the tenth day. I could only contact them again in the event of not receiving the CAS by then. Honestly, it’s frustrating because I don’t know what to do anymore. I tried to call and email them but up until now, there has still been no response. It’s even more frustrating because, without CAS, I cannot apply for a UK visa and since the admission date is getting near (12 September), I have to opt for late enrolment which will affect my studies as well.”


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