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Uni Tories call Sturgeon “unprofessional”

By Luke Chafer

After Sturgeon says she detests the Tories the on-campus Conservative Association joins the list of names to come out in strong opposition.

Earlier this week Nicola Sturgeon told Laura Kuenssberg, as part of her conference news round, that she “detests the Tories and everything they stand for”. The University Conservative Association has come out in opposition to the statement calling on her to retract.

Colista Toner, President of Glasgow University Conservative Unionist Association told The Glasgow Guardian: “Ms. Sturgeon made a personal attack against every member of the Conservative Party on Sunday – and our student members are already in an unwelcoming environment on campus. That is why we are calling for her to retract this statement. She made these comments less than a week before the one-year anniversary of the death of Sir David Amess – we need to decrease, not increase, the violent rhetoric in politics. GUCUA would like to believe that the First Minister, who says she loves her country, would not want to sow more division and hatred among the people who live there.”

This comes after the official GUCUA twitter account tweeted “that saying she detests a sizable proportion of those people is unprofessional”. A tweet that has in turn seen staunch opposition to the association.


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