University to refund fees to homeless first-year students

By Kimberly Mannion and Luke Chafer

 Incoming first years who could not begin their degree due to homelessness will have any fees refunded, The Glasgow Guardian is informed.

A University of Glasgow spokesperson has told The Glasgow Guardian that any new student who has had to withdraw from their studies as a result of accommodation issues will have any deposits or fees paid refunded. 

“For any new student who has to withdraw from studies as a result of accommodation issues, the University will refund any deposits or fees paid. Continuing students have the option of suspending their studies and guidance has been provided to advisors of study to help them support students,” The Glasgow Guardian was told. 

This comes in the context of the ongoing accommodation crisis which saw many new students due to start studying at the University this year unable to find a place to live and as such missing the start of their course. 

For continuing students in the same position, a full refund is not available, but rather the option of suspending their studies. The spokesperson notes that for students in this situation, “guidance has been provided to advisors of study to help them support students”. 

Until now, there had been a question mark over the status of fees for students who are unable to be here due to the accommodation shortage. In the weeks leading up to freshers week, advice on the University’s website warned new students not to complete financial registration and enrolment until they had accommodation secured, and would not be refunded if they did not follow these instructions. 

Currently, this same page of the University’s website states that “if you applied for accommodation prior to the guarantee deadline and are unable to secure accommodation, are not able to defer, and wish to decline/withdraw your place, and have already incurred costs that cannot be reimbursed, refunded, or transferred to a later date, the University will consider making a contribution towards them”. Affected students who submit an enquiry form and attach receipts will then be “considered on a case by case basis” according to the page.


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