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Reaching a state of happiness: Interview with We Three

By Olivia Marrins

In line with the group’s debut UK/European tour, We Three discuss the release of their third album Happy.

American heartbreak pop sensations We Three kick off their debut UK/European tour at Glasgow’s King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. Following the release of their third studio album, Happy, Manny Bethany and Joshua talk tracks of relationships and heartbreak in front of a whole new audience.  

The group’s previous album, Dear Paranoia Sincerely Me, marked the beginning of the lockdown period, with their UK/EU tour being cancelled. “We were able to choose very specific songs for the record because we had so many options”; frontman Manny Humlie reflected on the effect lockdown had on their songwriting ahead of the new album. This break rewarded them with an opportunity to write songs on a mass scale, curating a collection of tracks which truly complimented the happy state of mind they wanted to convey. 

A coherent concept for the new album is something which all three purposely neglected. Instead, they wrote songs they believed were to the best of their individual ability. The increase of virtual tours during this time did not allow the band to pause, with their rehearsal space seeing use both as a studio and a sanctuary. 

We Three comfort their fans with ballads of self-deprecation and heartache; the emotional support provided to the band’s fans is heard in the vulnerability and deep sincerity of the lyrics. Manny emphasises that releasing music of such difficult struggles “is the most important thing”. He further reveals that the moment he knows a song is right is “whenever I show it to someone, I want it to make me very, very uncomfortable”. The raw infliction of pain and trauma is something the band must experience first before it can be related to a wider audience.

The electric reciprocation of the new album has perfectly conditioned the group to perform a new set list in front of a new audience. Guitarist Bethany discloses that she was personally “terrified” as the prospect of the fans not taking to the new material. Even though they “put more of the new record in there than we probably should have, they’re not going to know these songs”. Such fear was quickly washed away with the sound of every fan singing every word back to them.

The question of the band’s musical inspiration is something very crucial for an artist who puts so many challenging personal issues at the forefront of their songs. Lead singer Manny delves into the significance of one underground artist, Nic D, with the rest of the band agreeing that he allowed him to express feelings of his own, emphasising the success one artist can gain from views on TikTok.  

We Three’s success has significantly expanded over social media, with over 2.2 million followers across platforms. “We get to just be ourselves and the viral opportunity on it has just changed our careers”. Bethany reflects on the support this platform has had for the band, especially in the run up to the new album’s release: “It’s hard to be authentic and not force it, but I do feel lucky because when we post our live stuff, it just connects to people.” Conversely, Manny exposes the concept behind single Body Fat Percentage, admitting that the song would’ve never have had as good a reception if it hadn’t gained popularity from TikTok, describing it as “a collaboration with your fans”.

The creative output of the band can be heard in the current streams of Happy. “The album is our favourite piece of art that we have put together; it is a big step to where our sound can go”. The group share what is next for We Three: “we could release two albums right now, we are being very picky with the demos we do have”. Manny finally hints; “we are not going to make people wait very long”. 


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