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Sport for everyone and anyone

By Claire Thomson

Former GUSA LGBTQ+ role model Jon Dixon shares his advice on how to get involved in sport and shows that there is a place for everyone and anyone.

Where sport can be perceived as a scary and unwelcoming environment, there are students at the University of Glasgow with the goal of changing these stereotypes and perceptions. Former GUSA LGBTQ+ role model, Jon Dixon, worked with the association to help lower and break down barriers surrounding homophobia in sport, that are preventing LGBTQIA+ students from getting involved in sport through GUSA and UofG. He wants to encourage as many people as possible to be physically active and prove that there is a place in sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability or sexuality.

“I would say that I think people are always afraid because they feel like they’re going to be judged in sport, and they’re going to be watched and looked at. But I think I can always assure you, that’s never the case,” he declared with such compassion and understanding. “It’s not to say people don’t care about you, but if you’re new to the sport, people will always recognise that you’re new and that you’re going to get things wrong. There are networks in sport that are very supportive and inclusive, and there will always be coaches, for example, that you can rely on and who understand that you’re new to the sport

“I would say that sometimes people decide not to join sports clubs because they think that they don’t like sport, but I think everyone does like sport, you just need to find the sport that’s for you and a lot of people struggle with that because there are so many out there. 

“Once you find one you enjoy, you’ll realise what you’ve been missing out on and the huge benefits that sport can bring to things like your physical health, but also your mental health. 

“For me, sport is so good in terms of when I’ve had a bad day. I can go and do a training session for two hours, and I don’t care about anything else. It focuses your mind on one thing and you always feel better after that because you’ve done something productive and successful that day. 

“I always encourage people to make sport a goal and never just let it pass by even though I know certain people are maybe not as naturally sporty compared to others. But that still doesn’t mean there isn’t a sport for you.”


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