Credit Elena Adams

Review: Maggie Rogers @ O2 Academy

By Elena Adams

Maggie Rogers plays the second date of her Feral Joy Tour at Glasgow’s O2 Academy.

Since she was first discovered by Pharrel Williams while studying at Columbia, Maggie Rogers has become a musical force to be reckoned with – something that only becomes clearer during her live performances. 

Following the release of her album Surrender in April 2022, Maggie Rogers announced that The Feral Joy tour would be coming to the UK, Glasgow being her second show. Having loved her music for such a long time, I was quick to grab a ticket. Although I was anxious  – this being my first time going alone to a concert, my nerves were soon subsided by the pure, unbridled joy and energy that Maggie Rogers brought out onto the stage with her. Never have I ever been so glad to have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. 

From the very beginning of her set, with her opening song Overdrive, it was clear that Maggie Rogers belonged on the stage. Followed up with songs such as Want Want and That’s Where I Am, the whole crowd – alongside Maggie herself – could not stop dancing. Slower songs like Begging for Rain and Different Type of World then gave the crowd a chance to catch their breath again, providing a calmer energy. Yet, they did not take away from the wild and uncontrollable energy that Maggie Rogers possessed while on stage. This show, and this tour, was an outpouring of uncontainable emotion. It was, as Maggie herself reflected on, an opportunity for reconnection after the past couple of years that have been spent so physically disconnected from one another. It was certainly hard to feel alone in a room so full of unbridled joy and human connection.

Now, almost a month later, it remains a night that is hard to put into words and even harder to forget. The name of the tour could not have been more aptly named. A feral and wild type of joy is exactly what Maggie Rogers brought to Glasgow on 1 November, and I can’t wait for her to return.


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