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The Christmas hits hiding under the tree

By Natasha Coyle

Natasha gives us a run-down of six less recognised Christmas songs.

The trees are up, the twinkly lights are on, and pantomimes are being shown in every city across the UK. It’s that time of the year where the jingle of “All I Want For Christmas” is played in every store, and shoppers either revel in delight or groans at the sound. Whilst Mariah has been denied the official title of the Queen of Christmas, many other mainstream Christmas songs dominate our festive playlists, although it cannot be Christmas without a little bit of Bublé. To shake up your festive playlist, I have six less recognised christmas tunes for all to enjoy:

Little Drummer Boy performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Crouch End Festival Chorus

Although the song itself is relatively well-known, this particular performance with a full-piece orchestra really gives emphasis to the drummer. It’s calm and quaint with some beautiful harmonies, and would be an appropriate tune to play when you’re eating your Christmas dinner. 

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus performed by Charles Brown 

Originally written by Mabel Scott, this jazz tune will definitely be added to my mince pie baking playlist, a Christmas Eve tradition in the Coyle household. This song definitely gets your hips swaying with its medium tempo and saxophone solos. This song exudes chill vibes, so is ideal whilst baking your sweet treats with its old-school jazz and blues tones. 

Greensleeves (Take 4) performed by John Coltrane

Another popular melody that can be recognised by most ears, but instead of the medieval-esque woodwind that leads the melody, Coltrane’s jazz version of Greensleeves makes this non-traditional Christmas song another ideal tune to have in the background whilst your mince pies are cooking up a storm in the oven. 

Tracks In the Snow by The Civil Wars 

This acoustic track has some beautiful and skilful fingerpicking, elegant harmonies, and the singers both have soulful and rich tones that emulates the style of bands like The Cranberries. The lyrics are tender and vivid and definitely one to add to your festive playlist. 

A Marshmallow World by Seth MacFarlane

This song gives big Bublé and Sinatra vibes. The brass instruments and the easy-going swing of this song can’t help but make this song feel Christmassy. The strings and the background singers with their soft harmonies make you feel like you’re romanticising your life, walking down Broadway, surrounded by Christmas lights and a fresh fall of snow. 

Count on Christmas by Bebe Rexha

Although this absolute banger can be found on some popular festive playlists, it’s not always a first pick when it definitely should be. This song always reminds me of my sister who would happily play this song in the middle of August purely because it radiates positivity. This song is upbeat with a fast tempo and is very poppy compared to the rest of the songs on this list. The bells and the beat just make me want to get up and dance whenever I hear this song. Count on Christmas always puts me in a good mood. You’ll find me bouncing around my kitchen to this song after all that baking, with a warm mince pie in hand.


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