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Russell Group vice-chancellors salaries rise by up to 35%

By Luke Chafer

The University of Glasgow’s Principal’s pay has stagnated as Russell Group bosses see large increases. An investigation by The Times has shown that 11 out of the 24 chancellors of the universities saw an increase in their salary in the last academic year. The largest increase was for the vice-Chancellor at Imperial College London who received a 35 percent pay rise which saw her wage increase from £527,000 to £700,000 a year. Currently, Principal Anton Muscatelli earns £400,000 a year. 

The University of Glasgow was one of only two Russell Group universities, along with Leeds, to keep pay the same between 20/21 and 21/22. Two universities did decrease pay however, most notably Exeter where there was a 20% drop in the vice-Chancellor’s pay. 

As of November 2021, Principal Anton Muscatelli earned nearly ten times the amount of the average staff member (with a pay ratio of 9.97:1). Unlike other University vice-Chancellors, though, no member of the Senior Management Group at the University of Glasgow has received a cash bonus or gift over the last years, The Glasgow Guardian has established. 

In relation to the Principal’s pay a remuneration committee meets annually and this year, it noted: “data which outlined comparative UK VC salary benchmark data for the Russell Group University Mission Group and nationally across the 19 HEIs in Scotland. The data clearly demonstrated that the salary level of the Principal remained relatively well positioned in accordance with the University’s performance.”


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