Docs are Rebecca's shoe of choice for waterproof footwear. Photo Credit: Syd Wachs via Unsplash

Style Guide: Rain

By Rebecca Richard

How to look good and keep dry at the same time!

Picture this: it’s mid-January, Hillhead. I’ve just exited Kelvingrove Park, the quickest shortcut to my class. The classic Glasgow rain is coming in sideways, and my wide-leg jeans and less-than-practical white trainers have developed a gradient of thick mud and rainwater. Not quite the look I wanted to showcase in the unofficial fashion show that is the University Library.

As I squelched up the stairs to the extremely silent floor 9, I told myself something had to change. And so I present to you, dear reader, a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for your uni commute this rainy season.

Firstly, ditch the denim. If you can hear the rain battering on those single-glazed tenement windows before you head out for the day, do yourself a favour and leave the jeans be. There’s nothing worse than your jeans clinging to you all day, not to mention one-half of the denim turning a different shade of blue depending on what side the wall of rain battered into you en route that day. Your best friend is a light fabric, the current oversized cargo/parachute pant trend is ideal as they dry quickly, and most don’t actually touch your skin even if they do get soaked.

Another thing to consider is your colour palette. Light-coloured bottoms will attract some really cute mud splashes up the leg, kicked up behind you as you walk. The darker the better on these stormy days.

Footwear. The most important element. I’m a lover of some Doc Marten platform boots at the moment. The platform keeps most of the shoe out of those deceivingly shallow puddles, with the leather keeping the majority of the rainwater out of the shoe itself. I realise Doc Marten is a luxurious rainy-day purchase if they aren’t a regular in your wardrobe already. A good alternative is a classic Chelsea boot, with a huge range available depending on your budget. I also personally feel these are classic fashion staples that will never go out of style.

Jackets are my nemesis. I’m a sucker for a fur coat, but less obsessed with the drowned-matted rat look when caught in a downpour. Raincoats are obvious but essential. The more “plastic” the better. Those 2014 Tumblr-esque clear plastic coats are actually one of the best pieces I’ve found for actually keeping me dry. Rain macs are my favourite, with thousands of colours to choose from online. They also have the added benefit of being more lightweight, so you can layer your favourite winter jumpers underneath without looking (and feeling) like you’ve managed to fit in some intense, sweaty cardio before class. 

Lastly, a bag can make or break an outfit. I love my rainbow Kanken but the number of times I’ve felt my heart jump out of my chest as I pull out my damp laptop case infuriates me. Hop onto Amazon (or a more ethical seller, but sometimes speed is of the essence) and grab some waterproof spray for your favourite bag. You best believe I’m not sacrificing my colourful accessories for practicality this year.


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