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Brunch places in the West End: ranked

By Jordan Hunter

Jordan Hunter offers his definitive list of the best brunches in the West End.

1: Zique’s

Nestled in Hyndland is Zique’s. It tops the list with its intimate, yet vibrant and modern, atmosphere and superb food. It’s the perfect kind of brunch as it caters to both wanting the boozy brunch experience and those looking for great food. Everything is made from scratch and the pastries are a must as they are made in their bakery (which isn’t too far away and I can’t recommend enough). The main drawback however is that service is a bit slow. It’s not for lack of staff or staff being sub par, quite the contrary, they just don’t have a lot of kitchen space. Apart from this, the quality of their cuisine easily allows it to top the list.

2: Kember & Jones

It wouldn’t be a brunch list if I didn’t include Glasgow Uni student’s favourite Kember and Jones. Its convenient location on Byers Road makes it a go-to for many students, but their menu makes it one of the best places in all of Glasgow. I’d recommend their waffles if you go, but one can’t really go wrong with any part of their menu. The venue itself serves as a rustic bakery making you really feel at home. The place is so popular, the only real issue with Kember & Jones is that it’s hard to find a table!

3: Epicures

From the people who brought you Glasgow’s Michelin Starred Cail Bruich, there is this brunch place in Hyndland. The place prides itself on high-culinary excellence and being able to source much of its ingredients from Scotland’s farms. The place is also very aesthetically appealing, be it the venue itself or the plating of the food. However, there are two main drawbacks with this place. With Michelin-quality food you will be paying Michelin prices. While it’s not extortionate like Cail Bruich, there is a gap between them and the rest of this list. Additionally, there have been consistency issues. The food during some trips would have made them the top of this list, whilst others would likely not make me mention them at all. So while they sit here in the middle of the list, note that your experience could vary!

4: The Brunch Club

Nestled in Partick is perhaps the other place most students think of when it comes to brunch. This place is perfect for those mid-morning alcoholics, as they serve mean cocktails and great food. I can’t recommend enough their Boozy Brunch special at the end of term. Just after you turn in that last assignment or final essay, there’s nothing better than splitting a bottle of champagne and drowning your sorrows away with some cocktails. It might lack some of the finer things that put other restaurants higher on this list, but the food is still very good, albeit a bit pricey if you’re not doing the special. 

5: Morning Glory

Morning Glory is another favourite of many, and is very convenient being on Great Western. While their menu is limited, they do make the most of it. A majority of the menu is vegan/vegetarian friendly and the menu complements the earthy atmosphere of the venue. The price point is affordable to most students, however I felt the portions were a bit small. However, unlike much of the other brunch options, there seems to be a focus on healthy eating. 

6: Urban West

Urban West is perhaps the most ideal for students most of the time. Most of the suggestions here have been places you might go to once in a blue moon, but it’s fairly easy to make yourself a regular at Urban West. It’s convenient on Great Western, has a variety of traditional breakfast and brunch options, and crucially, it’s affordable. There’s nothing out of this world about the place, but good food at a reasonable price is about as much as you can ask for as a student.

Honourable Mentions: Left Bank on Gibson Street, Kothel on Great Western, and Singl-End in Garnethill


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