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Your autumn ’22 trend report

By Emily Webb

Emily Webb discusses what this year’s top trends will be as the temperatures plummet.

Each year as autumn resurfaces, I find it more burdensome to adjust to the ever-changing autumnal trends that creep around the corner from that first day of September. It’s difficult to know if leggings are out – are we still wearing beanies? Should I be sporting my Ugg boots from three years ago? Despite this, I’m here to present my ideas for this tricky and unpredictable season and talk about noticeable trends I’ve spotted around campus this season. 

The first fundamental investment purchase for your autumn wardrobe: a leather jacket. Walking around campus, I question why I don’t have at least ten of these already. Paired with some denim jeans and a simple t-shirt totally gives you an effortless “I’ve just put this outfit on this morning and look amazing” type of look. The leather jacket gives you comfort, style and perfection in what seems a simple outfit – it’s a no-brainer.

My next prediction may be controversial, or outdated to some, however, it is one that I’m pretty confident about. The Ugg boot. They’re definitely a love or hate piece. My opinion? They are the epitome of an autumnal look. Following the release of the “mini” and “ultra” mini Uggs in a range of new colours, there has been a surge of Ugg wearers around campus. My particular colours this autumn are “caribou” and “burnt chocolate” – the timeless October colours. The “enduring” design is iconic for its comfort and style whilst paired well with “practically anything”. Uggs suggest these work best with “loose boyfriend jeans and a velvet top”, resolving my concern for whether Uggs are still “in”. All in all, the best dressed on campus are, in my opinion, those who sport these incredible shoes. 

My next prediction: this season, it’s all about baggy jeans. Vogue’s article The fall 2022 trends Vogue editors are shopping now praises the baggy jean silhouette look over the skinny, “finding relief in the breezy easy” feel. Pair your baggy jeans with a knitted jumper or turtleneck and some Ugg boots; you’ll be comfy while looking great. Celine’s Hedi Slimane’s collection for autumn and winter this year urges us to remember the importance of the cool classics. From the heavy influence of the boot to the importance of the jacket featured in the designs, Slimane showcases wardrobe essentials for autumn at its finest and coolest. Consider digging out your high-length leather boots to pair with some jeans and an oversized jacket this autumn, you’ll most certainly turn heads. 

While some people love a classic plain white shirt for their go-to outfits – for me, it’s all about the stripes. Whether it’s a jumper or a long sleeve top, they pull your outfits together completely. Looking for a striped staple? Head over to H&M and thank me later.

I also must stress the importance of a magical tool for your autumn outfits this year: vintage shopping. A great outfit begins and ends with a great staple piece. Where better to find your autumn staples than a vintage collection? Great Western Road is a good place to start. You’ll find more unique pieces, pretty much guaranteeing others won’t be wearing them to lectures this term.

With the surge in minimalist outfits this year, I’ve found an appreciation for cotton straight-leg trousers. They are appropriate for the lovely slouchy vibe, but also for a put-together look when paired with a slim-fitting jumper and boots. Consider investing in some straight-leg trousers and pair them with your secondhand suede jacket for that trouble-free feel on the way to your 9am. 

Losing count of my predictions for this season, I’ve also noticed the popularity of “chunky” pieces for our autumnal uniforms. The thick knit scarves, hats and socks have been a delight to see. The pops of colour that these additions bring to the ensemble equips one with confidence and style.
This season’s Pantone’s colour trend report praises a mix of “timeless tones and artful brights”, as people start to wear palettes that contrast harmony with the chaotic need for personal expression. In other words, it is on trend this season to express yourself with your favourite bright and energetic shades. Consider these ideas a baseline for your autumn outfits, and don’t be afraid to underestimate the power of observance around campus – new trends will swiftly appear as the leaves finally turn into their true colours.


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