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Exploring the Glasgow music scene: Miles Jarvis, The Almonds and The Squints @ Nice N Sleazy

By Zoi Moir

Three local bands raise their profile.

Nice N Sleazy’s intimate and atmospheric downstairs venue set the scene perfectly for last weekend’s performances. 

First up was the brilliant, fiercely innovative singer-songwriter Miles Jarvis, and his team of talented musicians: Joseph Stronach on guitar, Matt Donaldson on drums, Calum Steel on bass, and Jarvis himself as lead singer and guitarist. Boldly defying the standards and conventions of modern musical genres, Miles presented his audience with a wide variety of his own music, ranging from thoughtful critiques of contemporary politics and society, to wacky experimentations with musical techniques and performance. His song Cosmic Lawnmower On Midsummer’s Day bears particular mention: its experimentation with sound expands the notion and possibilities of music itself, and was a refreshing departure from the usual lyrical motifs of breakup and desire.

Next came the fast-paced, upbeat music of The Almonds, a band which have raised their local profile, recently playing at venues such as the famous King Tuts. Taking us through some popular hits from their E.P Broken Time, released early last year, the group drew a decent crowd at Saturday’s event. Their passionate and skilful performance, consisting of a strong stage presence and exceptional vocal power explain why. While undoubtedly talented musicians, with an expert eye for navigating the troubled waters of the modern music industry, some songs felt repetitive and unoriginal.

Finally, the night’s headliners, The Squints, took to the stage. Although the band members – Rory Mcguire, Andrew Smith, Scott Cameron and lead singer and guitarist Patrick Murphy – are only in their teens, they are not new to the music scene, having recently released a fair share of singles such as Leave Me Alone and Home With You, in addition to their E.P Songs from The Lounge. Although I much preferred their originals to their covers (such as Hot N Cold by Katy Perry), the band were entertaining and provided a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


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