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University library removes students’ outstanding fees

By Emma Padner

The library has abolished more than £11,000 in late fees, and will no longer fine students for most overdue books.

The University of Glasgow Library has cleared £11,450.01 in previous overdue library balances from 2,906 students to mitigate the cost-of-living crisis for students.  

In addition to abolishing late fees for students, the library will no longer fine students for fees on most overdue library books. Students will still be charged if a book is lost or overdue and on call by someone else.

“The library is playing its part in recognizing the issues students face,” Susan Ashworth, the executive director of information services in the library wrote in an email. “Removing the overdue fines penalty system is a measure of support in a difficult time. This allows full use of the library for students at all times which positively impacts on the student experience year round.”

Books on inter-library loans will continue to collect charges and fines if they are late, renewed or lost, and student loan laptops will still collect late fees, according to the announcement. 

Previously, overdue library items collected a fee of 20p per each overdue day and overdue interlibrary loan items collected a £1 fee per each overdue day. Students would receive late fee notifications once a book was overdue by 7 days. 

After 35 days, they would be billed £25- a standard bill for replacing the cost of the book, Ashworth wrote. If students did not pay or return the book, they received a final notice and library privileges were suspended until it was resolved. 

Lost books will still be charged at £25.00. Books that another student has on hold and inter-library loans will collect a 20p charge until day 35, where students will be charged the replacement fee. 


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