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£100 million for UofG innovation acceleration project

By Odhran Gallagher

Six new projects at the University of Glasgow have been awarded a new investment from the UK Government’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

The University of Glasgow is set to benefit from the £100 levelling up unveiled by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in his recent budget, to fund research projects within Glasgow’s Innovation Accelerator (IA). These projects are designed to boost the local economy while tackling greater global and environmental issues. 

The projects will begin during Spring of this year and include a number of interdisciplinary projects, including six linked to the University of Glasgow.

These include a planned project to “explore the viability of new technologies in uncooled infra-red detectors”. The project has a number of potential real-world applications, including in “military, medical diagnostic, energy monitoring, net-zero, security and surveillance applications”. 

Furthermore, the funding is planning to be used in the field of financial regulation with the new ‘FinTech Scotland’ initiative which will bring together the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde with industry professionals in order to “explore new technologies to accelerate regulatory efficiencies, revolutionise risk management, and shape future regulatory developments”. As well as this, a new extended reality cultural and heritage museum is set to be launched, allowing visitors to explore collections online in a new and engaging way.

Glasgow will benefit from a total of 11 projects through the levelling up fund, including those being run by the University of Glasgow. Other projects include a study on Scotland’s transition to net zero by the University of Strathclyde and an electronics project by Thames UK Limited. Levelling Up will also fund ten in Greater Manchester and five in the West Midlands. 

Professor Anton Muscatelli, the University of Glasgow principal, tweeted: “Really great news for Glasgow City Region with this Innovation Accelerator funding across GCR, Manchester and West Midlands.” 

Vice Principal of Economic Development and Innovation at the University of Glasgow, Umza Khan, said: “I’m delighted that the UK Government has chosen to invest in Glasgow to support innovation and R&D. A significant amount of this investment will be linked to the University of Glasgow.  

“It’s a hugely exciting development for Glasgow City Region and one which will catalyse further research, development and innovation in our key sectors delivering benefits for the whole region and our communities.  

“Through the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District, this significant investment will draw on the University of Glasgow’s world-leading research, global reach and strong civic mission to make Glasgow one of the most innovative economies in the UK.  

“By working in close partnership with industry, government, academia and our communities, we will ensure that we create the jobs, wealth and the skills pipeline needed to create productive and thriving places.” 

The full list of projects can be found on the University of Glasgow website.


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