Landlord lecturer advertises illegal tenancy

By Luke Chafer

A lecturer at the University of Glasgow posted an advert on Spare Room for a bedroom in a  “luxury 2 bedroom apartment” demanding nearly £12,000 rent to be paid upfront. This is equivalent to a year’s rent at a rate of £215 a week. Housing law in Scotland states that a landlord can not demand more than six months of rent upfront. The advert on SpareRoom has since been deleted. 

The flat situated on White Street in Partick is described in the advert as “a nice peaceful street whilst the surrounding area bustles with life”, and asked for a “female student” to take up the tenancy. 

The advert concludes by stating that “the total rent would be 52 weeks at £215 =£11880. All the rent needs to be paid at one time normally within one week after you move in”. 


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Who was the lecturer name and shame.


Wanted a female student? Perv