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Review: DMAs @ O2 Academy Glasgow

By Kimberley Mannion

Australian three man band DMAs returned to a Glasgow audience last week, with their last stop in the city having just been last Halloween. My co-editor attempted to review that last gig, but it was branded “lazy journalism at its best” by a reader named George. This time then, I have been tasked with trying to do a better job.

This was my first experience of a DMAS gig. I was struck by how many members of the audience who had come down to the O2 were dressed in the same outfits as the Australian musicians themselves – a Liam Gallagher style parka jacket which they did not take off for the duration of the gig. The inspiration which had clearly been taken from the former Oasis frontman did not end there – with DMAs own frontman incorporating the shaking of a tambourine into several of the tracks, as Gallagher is known for doing. Choosing a different handheld percussion instrument, like maracas or a triangle, might have made the imitation less stark. 

Aside from the parkas and tambourine, one area of accessories which DMAs and indeed 90% of the audience differed from Liam was their chosen device for nicotine inhalation. The overwhelming scent of the gig was a mixture of watermelon, blueberry and juicy apple, coming from the elf bars which they seemed to have been giving out complimentary with the ticket. The lead singer himself even took a puff of a vape mid-song. If DMAs ever fancied doing a version of Oasis’ ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, it would probably be better named ‘Elf Bars and Alcohol.’

Still, all this is just a bit of light hearted fun. The band put on a great show and it was a good night out. The show was part of the tour for their recently released fourth album ‘How Many Dreams?’, and opened with the song of the same name. The setlist featured a mix of these new releases, with my own favourite being ‘Fading Like a Picture’, as well as some of their older hits such as ‘Silver’ and ‘Lay Down’, which got a great response from the crowd. The night finished with a four part encore, ending on one of the new album’s tracks which was first released as a single in 2022 – ‘Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend’. The only disappointing omission was their popular cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’.


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