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Sport of the Month: Skydiving

By Natasha Coyle

The Sport of the Month for May is Glasgow University Skydiving.

Have you ever wanted to Skydive? Well, according to Glasgow University’s Skydiving (GU Skydiving) Captain Eloise Wood, there’s no better time than when you’re at university to try. Wood describes the sport as “exhilarating, welcoming, and definitely unique.” Skydiving is The Glasgow Guardian’s Sport of the Month for May.

Whilst the Skydiving Club does not yet have any BUCS or other competitive teams, Wood stressed how the committee is working hard to assemble a competitive team over the next few years. The club is also ideal for beginners wanting to learn to skydive or just wanting to tick off an incredible activity on their bucket list. “I strongly believe that skydiving is something that everyone should get to experience at least once in their lifetime, and there’s no better time to do it than while you’re at uni,” Wood commented.

Furthermore, Wood emphasised the value-for-money aspect of trying skydiving at university: “If you join our club you’ll be entitled to discounts that allow you to do your static line course and first jump for just £150. You (probably) won’t learn to skydive for cheaper anywhere in the UK. It’s really not as expensive a sport as people think it is and we offer lots of opportunities to make it even cheaper if you do get involved.”

Although many university sports clubs pause activities after the summer examination period, GU Skydiving is still running skydiving courses throughout the summer at their home dropzone, Skydive Strathallan. Furthermore, in August 2023 GU Skydiving is having an “Open Week” where the dropzone is open for nine consecutive days where there will be plenty of opportunities to jump as well as much more happening. This event will be advertised in greater detail on their social media platforms closer to the time.

Despite not yet having a competitive team, there have been a number of successes within the club. A number of the club’s members have achieved their Skydiving ‘A’ Licences so far this year. Skydiving’s Secretary, Arun, recently achieved his ‘B’ Licence. Finally, Wood has recently been awarded a bursary from the Royal Aero Club Trust in order to help her progress within the sport.

Wood stated that the best three things about the Skydiving Club are, “the community, the fun, and the adrenaline of course!”

Skydiving is hosting their final social of the year on the 23rd of May but if you’re interested in getting involved with the club before the next academic year or have any further questions, contact the club via their social media.

Instagram: @guskydivingclub

Facebook: Glasgow University Skydive Club


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