The Chats @ The Barras

By Luke Chafer

Unapologetic Aussie pub punk rock band The Chats produced a mature performance at the Barras on the tour of their second album, Get Fucked; in the same way it’s almost endearing and grown up when a toddler tells you to fuck off. 

I often write reviews straight after the gig meticulously taking notes throughout, but perhaps this time I took the essence of the album’s title a little too literally. However, this time it has worked out for the best. 

My initial gut reaction after the gig was disappointment. Not because I didn’t have a great time but I craved The Clap or Dine and Dash, staples of a night on the town done properly, and classics of the Chats back catalogued. But upon reflection, it was an incredible show. 

Once you return to the monotony of the 9-5 on Monday do you appreciate the euphoric energy the band provided on Saturday night. If I only remember one image from the night it was always a man in a wheelchair being risen aloft to crowd surf. 

Going to gigs recently, with the rise of touring costs bands have noticeably started to cut support bands and gone are the days of regularly being treated to two support bands. Yet the Chats put on two great bands to warm up the crowd, The Chisel and Guantanamo Baywatch. 

Playing for just shy on of an hour straight through, with no messing about with a quasi-break longing for the crowd to drag the band back on stage with chants of one more tune. The setlist showcased their new album with nuggets of the classics like Smoko. 

The songs off Get Fucked, like 6L GTR and The Price of Smokes were delivered in a tighter fashion in parts perhaps even more musically astute but had the same characteristic Chat-core energy. 

With The Chats you get what you’re given but that’s exactly what I wanted. 


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