Arctic Monkeys at Bellahouston Park: There will always be a mirrorball

By Olivia Marrins

Arctic Monkeys conclude their biggest UK tour to date at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow’s south side.

Each entrance to Bellahouston Park was  flooded with fans, most reverting back to their 2014 Tumblr profiles as the audience for Arctic Monkeys’ last show congregated. Dr Marten boots tied up in band T-shirts and circular glasses, the crowd dressed on theme with the band’s renouned indie style.

Fans across all generations gazed under the mirrorball in anticipation for the Sheffield band to take to the stage just two nights after their Glastonbury headline performance. Dressed in soft-rock 70s style, Alex Turner greets the south side park wearing dark aviators, a suit and a patterned neck scarf. 

Immediately, fans had to observe their stance and grip onto their paper cups of lager as the first couple of guitar chords of ‘Brainstorm’. Kicking the show off to an exhilarating start, more great indie anthems from Favourite Worst Nightmare followed which allowed the setlist to mirror the excitable, innovative attitude towards indie rock music in the UK when this album was first released. 

With the release of The Car earlier this year featuring such melodic melodies and jazz compositions, the band only enhanced the soft, tantalising sounds of their music at this big venue. Contrasted against major sing along anthems, the bands artistic and diverse discography introduced moments of romantic gestures and a sense of community through mosh pits and crowd pleasers.

‘Cornerstone’ induced a touching moment within this gig as the crowd sang back in unison, ‘you can call me anything you want’.  The emphasis on the fans’ long-lasting adoration for the band saw the Arctic Monkeys soaking in the loyal praise as Alex Turner remained comfortable and  laidback in his performance, as a frontman at one with the stage.

There was almost no time for vocal rest as ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’, ‘Mardy Bum’ and ‘505’ filled the second half of the set. As the sun went down, a pink haze filled the sky, merging with the reflections of the mirrorball.  

‘Arabella’, ‘Snap Out of It’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know’ played from AM before the encore concluded with ‘RU Mine’. Red lights and those on shoulders blocking the view of the stage, the Arctic Monkeys left Bellahouston Park reintroducing themselves as the band they are today; a band who have never lost their ability to perfect a set in-front of such an ever-growing fanbase.


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