Credit: Natasha Coyle

Refurbed sports hall reopens

By Natasha Coyle

Over two years after its closure, the second sports hall in The Stevenson Building has now been reopened.

After a long-awaited refurbishment, the second sports hall in The Stevenson Building is now open for use. A new floor has been laid as a result of the refurbishment after the previous floor was slippery and had holes in it. The new floor is the same colour as the first sports hall. It also has a black boundary with block yellow lettering saying, “University of Glasgow”. Both sports halls are on Level 4 of The Stevenson Building.

The reopening of the new hall is welcomed by all students, especially for the clubs whose sports rely on having a high ceiling. This includes volleyball and badminton. The first hall had a low roof which had a direct effect on the style of play for the clubs that rely on a high roof. For example, badminton players had to tailor their game to play more flat as hitting the roof after the serve was a fault, meaning the point would go to the opposition. The newly reopened hall has a high roof as well as a balcony area for spectators.

The entryway into the sports hall is eye-catching and impressive. The black floor is the perfect backdrop for a picture of Glasgow’s yellow tiger, the University’s mascot. The entrance to the hall is fully accessible with double doors and no steps.

The refurbished hall means that The Stevenson Building has eight available badminton courts, and two courts for a number of ball sports, including basketball. This should help increase the amount of sports participation and enable clubs to receive more training and match play time as the new academic year approaches.


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