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Classes cancelled on first week back

By Odhran Gallagher

Strike action by University and College Union (UCU) has gone ahead, affecting classes from today.

Students in various schools have had classes cancelled on the first day of term as a result of strikes by the UCU over pay and working conditions. The Glasgow Guardian has been made aware of a number of courses which have outright cancelled all lectures and seminars of the first week back beginning 18 September, as well as some that have switched to online recordings of old lecture material. 

One English Literature honours student told The Glasgow Guardian that one of their courses has had both seminars in their first two weeks cancelled due to strike action. “It brings a lot of uncertainty to the beginning of term time…I’m left wondering if there’s even a point doing the readings.”

In an email seen by The Glasgow Guardian a History honours course has also had all lectures and seminars cancelled for the first two weeks of term. Students responded to the news with one saying “it’s so difficult to keep motivated, how are we meant to take our work or dissertation seriously if it feels like we’re being held hostage?”. Another said: “it’s already a stressful time with dissertations and starting honours. That being said, it’s not the fault of the staff, just a bad situation all around”. 

In emails seen by The Glasgow Guardian, some students were informed of industrial action throughout the days leading up to the start of term but were not given confirmation of whether or not their classes would be cancelled as a result. A fourth-year student said: “It’s very unfortunate to be starting off my final year of university this way. I understand why the strike is happening and I sympathise with it, but perhaps it would be good to take a more pragmatic position and let students know up front whether classes are happening or not, rather than play these games.”

The strikes are part of an ongoing dispute between the University and the UCU over pay and working conditions. The Glasgow University branches of Unison Unite are also simultaneously striking this week. 


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